Online Traffic - Learn More About It

Online Traffic - Learn More About It

Online Traffic - Learn More About It
By Jared D. Ingram

The internet has now become the major information superhighway for all and it is crucial for the continued existence of online information. Advertisers look at traffic as the major focal point of their business and websites are now gauged as successful depending on how much online traffic they attract. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are quite focused on online traffic which is a crucial part of their marketing makeup and which essentially demonstrates that traffic is king.

In fact most advertisers are only interested in placing banners on websites where the online traffic is high and this creates a situation where companies come up with various innovative ways to increase traffic to their website. These methods may include sending a number of emails to clients who will then be redirected to the site in question, there is also the possibility of inserting SEO keywords into web content so that the site eventually shows up in internet searches. Naturally enough this means that a dedicated SEO expert would be employed to build backlinks for the site and this will definitely ensure that the site will increase its online traffic as it continues to rank highly in the search stakes.

Online traffic is also important for internet companies as they search for more clients and attract more visitors to their site. There are various marketing tools which may be attempted for this and these include advertising the site on various foreign portals and using mass email messages to create links. There is also the possibility of promoting the site in various portals although sometimes this may include the payment of a small fee which is essentially required to pay for the advertising tools which make up the site accordingly.

However the great booster for internet and online traffic is undoubtedly social networking. The possibilities created by Facebook for example are truly endless and confirm that this social networking site is top among those which generate traffic accordingly. The huge amount of users which visit the site every day create online revenue streams and the traffic which permeates the site is truly mind boggling thus handing over huge opportunities for those who wish to advertise on the site. Indeed marketing is king here as online traffic demonstrates that the internet is always expanding and with a potential market of billions of users who still aren't connected then the opportunities are truly endless in this regard.

It is indeed a vital way of creating a potential market for your internet based business. It is definitely the way forward to grow your customer base and should not be looked at in a vacuum as the potential is truly endless. The more online traffic there is on the net, the more advertisers will pay good dollars to advertise and the more products will be bought. So boosting your online traffic is really the only way forward for those who wish to continually expand their business over the internet and this article shows some of the ways how this can be achieved.

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Serious Traffic For Free - 3 Things You Can Do

Serious Traffic For Free - 3 Things You Can Do

Serious Traffic For Free - 3 Things You Can Do
By Celestin Kanga

There are a lot of different things that you can do online to get serious amounts of traffic for free. Even though there are a lot of opinions on the matter, there seems to be some very particular opinions that seem to be working for major players on the net today. If you're going to get serious about online marketing, affiliate work, or just want a big readership to your writing, you'll find that the following will prove to be quite great. Even if you subscribe to a traffic booster, you'll find the following tips will generate serious numbers.

The first thing that you need to know is that there is no need to pay for a lot of services to get serious attention on the web. Sure, you could spend money on CPM or CPC campaigns, but you'll end up going broke before you see any major traffic. In order to change that up, you'll need to invest in 3 strategies.

Strategy number one is going to be odd for some to move forward with, but it will pay off in the long term. Take to the web and find a directory of websites that are about your niche, specifically blogs. Once you've established a long list of websites that are in your particular topic, proceed to visit them all and drop comments in their comment section. Do this across every blog you can find, and make sure the comments are not just random and vapid. If you drop 1,000 comments a week, over time you will have hundreds of links pointed back to your website. From that point, you will have curious webmasters, visitors to other pages, and much more going to your site. Imagine if you left 100,000 comments, and each comment derived 1 visitor per day, you'd see an explosion of traffic that will be free and clear.

The second strategy is one that many people are trying to employ as this article is being written, and that's SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it's easily defined as a coding structure that attracts the major search engines around the web to point towards your page. When done properly, you will receive a flood of heavily targeted traffic that will convert for you into sales, subscriptions and more. Doing this the right way can be tricky, but it is currently one of the biggest ways to generate traffic online.

The third way to generate serious traffic is to promote your website through online videos. Everyone has an opinion and is an expert on a variety of topics. Whether you put the camera in front of you or you create other small clips, you will generate serious traffic by simply adding videos to the online video websites that are alive and well today. The top 5 trafficked websites today are social media and video based, so you can rest assured there is a wide audience to reach with your videos, and each one can easily visit your webpage.

Traffic is a numbers game, and casting a wide net is important, but it's when you apply the above 3 strategies that you get very targeted traffic in droves, and for the online marketer, that means serious money.

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Minimizing Costs by Increasing Your Website Traffic for Free

Minimizing Costs by Increasing Your Website Traffic for Free

Minimizing Costs by Increasing Your Website Traffic for Free
By Charlie N Jones

When you first launch your company, you don't have much capital to invest in boosting your internet traffic. You have a dozen other places to invest each dollar and naturally, you prefer to invest your money in improving your product, your delivery and your customer service, rather than boosting online traffic. Yet without traffic, you have no customers, no deliveries to make and no need for a product. So should you invest all your extra capital into increasing your traffic flow? No! Not only is it possible to boost your traffic for free, it can also be better for your growing business.

The benefits of free and low-cost traffic boosters

While there are many expensive ways to boost traffic and guarantee a higher rate of customers, in the early days of your business, you benefit more from using low-budget methods to boost your traffic. This way, you can assess what works and what doesn't, and you can maintain steady business growth, rather than being overwhelmed by an unexpected rush of business before you are ready for it.

The essential for building traffic

When it comes to building traffic, energy and motivation are far more important than money. You need to understand your customers intimately in order to draw them to your site and keep them coming back and recommending you to others. And the more energy you expend learning about your customers, the more your business will profit overall.

Paying for advertisements will certainly give you a bigger traffic flow with less effort, but in the beginning you will benefit from keeping your capital for other essentials and maintaining a steady and manageable increase in customers.

So what are the cost-free strategies for building your traffic?

Strong content

It is essential to have good SEO rich content that highlights your key selling point. You want visitors to see exactly what you have to offer and why you are better than anyone else.

You don't need to pay for someone to research the best SEO keywords or phrases for your page - you can do your own research, using any of the free keyword tools available on the internet.

Rather than hiring a freelance writer, you can write your own content. To ensure it is easy to read and straight to the point, start by writing a list of features and benefits in point-form, then expand this into paragraphs. Always read the content out loud before posting it, so you can fix any confusing sentences or spelling errors.

Online communities and forums

Find a few online forums and communities that relate to your business niche, and participate in the general online discussions. Do not use these forums to post direct information about your bargains or discounts - you are here to promote your expertise rather than your product. Keep information about your products and services on your website, and broadcast your expertise everywhere else. When you convince fellow-participants that you are an expert in your field, they will be drawn to your website, where they will discover all your products and services.

Online forums also give you an insight into the concerns and desires of your potential customers. By participating in discussions about their experience with your competitors, you can discover new ways to strengthen your business model and provide something unique and marketable.


When you network your business effectively, you will communicate with potential customers who don't want your business today but may want it sometime in the future. You can hold onto these long-term potential customers by providing them with a regular newsletter to keep them informed of all your products and service. The newsletter also acts as a timely regular reminder that when they are looking for someone in their field, they want you!

Keep your newsletter interesting, informative and upbeat. If there is a media story relating to your industry, write your own perspective of the issue. Invite other industry experts to contribute articles or other content. If your newsletter is consistently enjoyable to read, you will maintain a steady readership and hold onto long-term customer opportunities.

Trading Links

Set up a deal with another webmaster to exchange links and create traffic for each other. Every visitor to your partner's site could potentially click on any of the links to your site. Make sure you only establish partnerships with webmasters featuring the same niche as your website. Visitors will not be so tempted to click on links that have no relevance to their original search.

Writing Articles

You can write articles as "soft" advertising for your site. Articles "sell" your expertise and experience rather than the product you are promoting. A well-written article presenting an original and intriguing angle of your industry will help build your reputation and enhance your credibility. And of course, you have the opportunity to include links to your website, boosting your traffic while strengthening your reputation as an expert.

When your budget is low and you want to concentrate on building your business, these methods can help you increase site traffic so you can draw in customers who will promote your website for you.

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Optimizing Websites to Boost Website Sales and Conversion Rate

Optimizing Websites to Boost Website Sales and Conversion Rate - Eye-Opening Findings

Optimizing Websites to Boost Website Sales and Conversion Rate - Eye-Opening Findings
By Praveenkumar Hangalki

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of improving the percentage of your website visitors who convert into customers.

You receive website traffic from many channels of your product and services, each channel should have the relevant landing page and supporting elements which make the visitor feel comfortable and fulfill your conversion goals. Conversion Rate Optimization services implemented by analyzing your traffic sources, landing page relevancy and other key elements on your website.

Elements of Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Website Traffic Analysis

Analyzing your website traffic and user navigation pattern is the key step of CRO service. For effective performance in digital marketing, you need to identify your target audience by demographics, age, gender and online advertisement platform (AdWords, Facebook etc.) to engage with them.

The website should have user-centric design and relevant content on each page. With the web analytic tool we get to see key entry pages and exit pages with their bounce rate, we optimize website elements on these pages to bring down the bounce rate.

2. Website Architecture and User Experience Testing

Website design starts with a wire-frame to place website components on prominent places with streamlining your conversion goals. Website should have user-friendly design with easy navigation structure with relevant content and responsive designs across all devices such as mobile, desktop, tablets etc., Website wire-frame should be very well structured for the visitors for streamline navigation, you need to highlight your products or services for easy accessibility while others information should be nested as supporting information, all these together makes visitor feel comfortable and shows more interest in your products and services and turn out to be your next happy customer.

3. Branding

Branding is the essential and basic foundation for your business to differentiate from your competitors. Brand awareness greatly influences your audience and increasing prominence of your business and it also helps to grab the attention of existing customers and potential audience. Branding should have the strong presence in all possible online marketing channels such as Search and Display advertisement campaigns, a strong brand presence can make the significant impact to your digital marketing efforts.

4. Landing Page Optimization

Landing Pages are quick conversion boosters, which focus on generating leads or selling products with high conversion rates.

A landing page is part of the website which appears when a visitor clicks on your ad through your digital marketing campaigns. Landing pages are very important for your digital marketing success. Dedicated landing pages designed for the specific marketing campaign. Landing pages are very effective as they only present one action for a visitor to complete.

If you want to get quick results without spending much time on redesigning present website design, then you and get started with Landing Pages for key products and services for better conversion rate.

5. A/B Testing

A/B testing is the comparison of two versions web pages or landing pages to see which one is performing better. The comparison is done by showing two variations among the traffic at the same time and the version which giver better conversion rate will be taken up. You need not spend additional budget for A/B testing, you can get more out of existing budget, even small change in landing page element such as title, text copy, call-to-action button, the color scheme can make significant changes in conversion rate.

Elements to test:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Text
  • Call to Action Button
  • Images
6. Web-Only Ads

If your site is missing on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, then you are possibly missing the potential opportunity with the people who looking for your services. By investing in Digital marketing from experts you can drive huge traffic to your site with prominent search terms.

Web-Only Ads are prime components of your digital marketing campaigns, as the name implies these ads used only on the web to influence potential visitors across the web.

There are many types of web-only ads according to your marketing strategies you need to choose appropriately.

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads (Static / animated)
  • Video Ads

Websites get amazing results in just 30 days with these optimization tips.

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